Hi Reddit!

Dont mind this crude site, i made it quick.
Sorry this took so long, but its been a crazy day, and when i finally got the time to make the image, i wanted to iron out the bugs, and make sure it worked on both mac and windows computers(it does!)

I am including two links, one was an image made using Disk Utility on a mac. The second was made using dd and gunzip.

I recommend using at least a 64Gb flash drive, however 32GB should be okay.

The DMG is easily restored by using disk utility. Or if someone needs me to change it to an ISO i can. just let me know.

The steps to restore the dd made image is this:

gunzip -c /path/to/KaliLinuxDrive.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc conv=sync,noerror bs=64K

If anyone has any issues, or comments, message me on reddit: /u/jaredw

or email me: jw@jared.nyc

Scroll past the links for more info

The files are public in s3, so i recommend using s3cmd to pull them down, so it comes as a multipart file.
You dont need to have any access key's for it to work with s3cmd.

Torrent File for DMG: http://jared.nyc/KaliLinuxDrive.dmg.torrent
Link to DMG image (5.48GB):
Sha256: 119bb019d78c71ac1fc983335c4a8b17b71d58c9e8da43c93670b866bbf3ba96
Md5: 88dfdc757945f7da32d0a008b4c9b146

Link to Image created with DD & Gunzip(31.74GB):
Sha256: bfcbf4887a13ec7ede715d6024a46a5bce2c983ed3fd0003d8c6cf0711e5a7fe
Md5: b17b2bdd862166a4d808d0e4ebf5850d

Link to ISO (26.84GB):
Sha256: 66ad57246c9746ac45aeb1cb254b8c215cffb9d85e2d80f71be8e4b51c9085a3
Md5: e9142aaa43f2b2bb49f1b7d9b52456e7

How to create the USB Drive from the DMG:

Step 1: Attach the Image to your Mac without mounting ( do not try just dd'ing the dmg, it will not work)
hdid -nomount /path/to/dmg

Use `diskutil list` to find out what disk the DMG and your USB drive are
Then use dd
dd if=/dev/disk(DMG disk) of=/dev/disk(usb) bs=64k

Heres a Web Archive of the reddit page with all the comments and responses. (even the ones that made me want to delete the post, but a mod beat me to it. And then didnt tell me. )


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